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Solar Panel Farm8

We clean residential & commercial solar panel arrays

solar panel washing

How we clean your solar panels.

We are able to reach most solar panels on high roofs using our specialty carbon fiber telescoping poles.

At the end of these poles are boar's head bristle brushes, which gently remove surface contaminants without scratching the glass. It is important to use a soft brush when cleaning solar panels! Microscopic scratches on the glass will deflect light and degrade the protective repellent found on most panels. Our tool-kit includes a reverse-osmosis water filtration unit which removes all dissolved minerals from your water, which means there are no mineral streaks left behind.

Cleaning your solar panels increases electrical efficiency!

1) Excessive temperatures can cause up to a 25% reduction in efficiency. Most solar panels eventually suffer from baked on mineral deposits due to airborne dust particulate, bird droppings, and other contaminants. Ultimately the darker color of the deposits leads to increased panel temperatures.  

2) Mineral deposits and dust block UV light.  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory the impact can be as severe as a 30% reduction in solar gain.  



Our power washing process follows the latest industry standards.

We begin by removing anything on the driveway and sweeping away large debris.

Next, we wet the surface to offer an even surface for the eco-friendly detergents to adhere to.

The application of a targeted eco-friendly detergent, is sprayed on with a diaphragm pump.

The key part of our process is dwell time, where the detergents are given approximately 15 minutes to sit and perform their duty.

After 15 minutes the surface is blasted clean using a hot and cold wash surface washer system.

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