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roof snow removal

roof snow removal

Snow Removal for Your Roof

Vermont's harsh winters are well-known to drop a large amount of snow in a short amount of time. This puts a lot of strain on your house's supports for your roof and can be catastrophic if not taken care of properly. Removal of snow prevents ice damming, which can produce water damage and leaks in your roof. It is recommended when you get more than 6 inches of snow on your roof overhang to have it removed. Let our highly trained team of professionals, remove the deep snow taking care to preserve your roof's integrity.

Our Process

Our highly trained team uses a variety of different tools to accomplish removal of snow from your roof while preserving your roof's integrity. The team will give a professional opinion on the status of your roof's condition at the end of the service.


Our power washing process follows the latest industry standards.

We begin by removing anything on the driveway and sweeping away large debris.

Next, we wet the surface to offer an even surface for the eco-friendly detergents to adhere to.

The application of a targeted eco-friendly detergent, is sprayed on with a diaphragm pump.

The key part of our process is dwell time, where the detergents are given approximately 15 minutes to sit and perform their duty.

After 15 minutes the surface is blasted clean using a hot and cold wash surface washer system.

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